Reconociendo la Excelencia en Estudiantes de Enfermería Latinx

Recognizing Excellence in Latinx Nursing Students

Naa kuta’vo nuu suchi ka sikua’a tatna na Latinx

Investing in Racial Equality and Access: WW-NAHN Latinx NursingScholarships Program Fund

Investing in the WW-NAHN Scholarship Program ensures every dollar you donate advances the nursing

education of Latinx students! All our recipients are enrolled in an accredited school of nursing in Western Washington.


Since 2014, WW-NAHN has awarded scholarships to outstanding Latinx nursing students Your contribution will ensure we may increase each award and increase the number of available scholarships for a unique and underrepresented group in the nursing profession. Our scholarship directly improves retention and acknowledgement of the value Latinx nursing students bring to the classroom and the profession!


To donate, please send a check payable to: WW-NAHN, PO Box 23133 Seattle, WA 98102.
All contributions are tax deductible under our 501 (c) (3) status. You will receive an official donation receipt for your taxes.


About the Program & Gratitude

We are proud to share that 2020 marks the sixth year we are able to offer this special nursing scholarship.

In 2015 and 2016, through the support from the UW School of Nursing and diversity, equity and inclusion champion and WW-NAHN co-founding member, Carolyn Chow, we awarded six $500 scholarships to UW nursing students.


 Salal Credit Union has generously donated to our scholarship fund, and has allowed us to leverage the funding to increase our ability to provide scholarships since 2017!! 


We have also received a generous $1,500 contribution from Mr. Gerardo Campos, and one other generous anonymous donor. 

All student recipients are current WW-NAHN members and are engaged in serving the Latinx community through volunteering and/or work. Students receiving the WW-NAHN Scholarship reflect in their work a commitment and passion for addressing health disparities and inequalities affecting the most marginalized and vulnerable Latinx populations. In addition, student recipients identify the positive impact their diverse and unique perspectives bring to the nursing profession.

WW-NAHN offers three types of scholarships to Latinx nursing students and RNs:

ADN/BSN: Students enrolled in associate or baccalaureate degree programs preparing for a career as a registered nurse.

RN Baccalaureate (RNB) Program: A registered nurse in a program leading to a bachelor’s degree

in nursing.

Advance Degree Program: A current RN working toward an advanced degree in nursing. For Master's, DNP and PhD nursing students. Must demonstrate an exemplary commitment to underserved and vulnerable Latinx communities and to the nursing profession through extracurricular professional activities.