... and make a difference.


Join WW-NAHN and become an active participant in building an inclusive and equitable health system trhough diveristy of thought and principles of equity.

A WW-NAHN membership will qualify you to apply for the WW-NAHN and NAHN Scholarships, access to professional development opportunities, leadership development, community engagement with Latinx partners & members. You will also be part of a network of professionals dedicated to advancing Latinx inclusion and perspective in nursing and health systems.

Being a Corporate Member is  a significant way to contribute to WW-NAHN's mission to increase Latinx representation in nursing and improve health disparities in Latinx communities. WW-NAHN will publicly acknowledge your organisation at meetings, events and on our social media (including your logo, a statement from your organization, publication of your newsletter)

We aim to highlight your impact in Latinx communities and welcome your suggestions as to how you envision this. 

Find a full list of benefits here.

If you have expertise, a degree or access to resources you can contribute to WW-NAHN's mission of increasing Latinx representation in nursing and improving health disparities in Latinx communities. 

Students are the future of the nursing profession, and at WW-NAHN students will find a network of mentors as well as opportunities to shadow, intern with and be active volunteers in Latinx community-based settings.